Date: Sunday 21 of February 2016
Organizers: Petreos Team
With the collaboration of La Roca Wargames
Place: La Roca Wargames · Calle Brasil 42, Valencia, Spain

Tier of Tournament Play: PREMIER
Players are assumed to be familiar with the game’s rules, as well as the latest FAQ and tournament rules, and should expect all rules to be strictly enforced. Whilst this event is not officially sanctioned by Fantasy Flight Games, for all intents and purposes it shall be treated as a premier level event. Player conduct and knowledge of the game should be held to this level of play.
Format: Swiss
Rounds: 4
Duration of each round: 90 minutes (including the time for pairing)
Size: 24 teams
Price: € 40 per team (a single pre-registration and payment will be made by computer).

Teams of 4 players. Each team must submit a squad list for each player in advance. Teams must include at least one squad from each faction (Rebel, Imperial, Scum & Villainy).

Squad list: Maximum 100 points . Players will use the same squad for the whole tournament. Each player must indicate the three obstacles in their squad list and damage deck they will be using; maintaining the same materials throughout the tournament.


Pilots and upgrades indicated as unique(bullet point before the name) may only be used once per team, regardless of faction. Example: If an imperial player on a team is using Boba Fett then any scum lists on that team will be prohibited from using the Pilot/Crew card of the same name.

Each team member is expected to field a unique list from their other team members. Example: If a team includes one imperial list, one rebel list, and two scum lists, should the rebel player choose to field four Y-wings then the two scum players will not be permitted to play a four Y-Wing list. examples of valid combinations would be Four Y-Wings for the rebels whilst one scum player takes three Y-Wings and two Z-95 Headhunter and the second scum player may take two Y-Wings and an Aggressor.

Each player must also specify which 3 obstacle they will use throughout the tournament by noting them on their squad list. Both asteroids and debris fields can be used for obstacles. Each player has to choose one damage deck for the whole tournament.
If in doubt, please consult with the event organisers before sending an erroneous squad list.

Players are assumed to be familiar with the game’s rules, as well as the latest FAQ and tournament rules, and are able to build a squad without errors. To help players and to facilitate the organisation of the event, we recommend using online squad building applications to check and send the required lists.

Squad errors: If on the day of the event event there is any unauthorised variation from the final squad lists sent prior, the entire team will suffer a points penalty. The severity of such penalty will be decided by the judges based on the magnitude or intent of the error. The event organisers will discuss such measures with the team to reach an agreement.

Pairing System: For round one, teams will be paired randomly. For rounds 2 to 4, teams will be paired using the Swiss system (i.e. 1st on the leaderboard plays 2nd, 3rd plays 4th etc.), with the exception that rematches will be avoided. Total Team Margin of Victory Score will be taken into consideration when determining rankings between teams that have the same point.

The players will be matched up using the following system:
1. Team A puts up one if its 4 remaining squads, Team B does the same.
2. Team A puts up two squads against the one put up by Team B, Team B does the same.
3. Team A chooses one of the two squads put up by Team B to be played against the squad first put up by team A and determines one pair, Team B does the same.
4. The squad of Team A that did not get chosen by team B plays against the last squad remaining in the pool of Team B. The squad of Team B that did not get chosen by team B plays against the last squad remaining in the pool of Team A.
Once the pairings are done the players move to deployment.

Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game Rules of Play and all applicable Errata and FAQ’s shall be applicable for the game rules and deployment principles. Each player sets forth it’s chosen obstacles to the board at the same time to form an obstacle pool of 6. Then they proceed to place them as usual, picking any of the six pieces from this pool of obstacles.

8:30 to 9:15 Opening and reception of players
9:30 to 11:00 First Round
11:15 to 12:45 Second Round
13:00 to 14:30 Third Round
14:30 to 16:00 Lunch Break
16:15 to 17:45 Fourth Round
18:00 Raffle and awards ceremony


All the entries will go to prizes, trophies and participation prizes.

Champion Trophy
Runner-up trophy
Exclusive participation gift.
Raffle including many X -Wing and Star Wars related prizes among participants.


The tournament will start at 9:30 am, every team registered but not in the venue of the tournament at 9:30 am will receive a penalty. In the event of a delay of more than 5 minutes one randomly chosen player from the team will forfeit their match for that round. If the delay is more than 10 minutes two members of the team will forfeit; Should any delay exceed 20 minutes the entire team will forfeit the round. There will be no refunds of registration fees for being late to the tournament.

If a team wants to cancel their pre-registration they must notify the organization by e-mail at least 7 days before the tournament. Otherwise, no refunds of the pre-registration fee will be permitted.


Pre-registration will begin on Friday, January 8 at 10:00am, in order of arrival of the inscriptions. To perform the pre-registration of the tournament, you have to do it via email by sending only one email per team to xwing@larocawargames.com. The inscription email should include: Team name, names of the 4 members, phone number and name of the captain, who will act as Permanent Representative to the organization.

Each team registration must be done individually, group registrations for multiple teams will not be permitted. All group applications will be returned and registration automatically canceled.

Each team must provide the composition of the 4 squad list to the organization before February 8th at 23:59. Players must use the same squad for the whole tournament, including the same ship cards and upgrades; as well as obstacles and damage decks. Team rosters will be sent by email to xwing@larocawargames.com .

All teams squad lists will be published after revision; and, not withstanding any errors, they may not be modified in any way. In the event that an error (in points, upgrades or composition) should be detected the captain of the team will be contacted by the organisational team to try to correct it and advised of the appropriate sanction
The organization will send the bank account number for the deposit / transfer and thus confirm the registration of the team, after verification of the pre-registration. The concept of the deposit / transfer must indicate name of the team captain. We encourage all teams to attend the tournament with the payment receipt and ID to as proof of payment for the team. The receipt may also be sent to the organization for verification purposes.


Each player should have in their possession a core set of X-Wing and all additional components needed for their squads, including (but not limited to) dice, range ruler, maneuver templates, his/her 3 obstacles and a full damage deck. A player can not use more than one copy of each obstacle.

The organization is not required to provide players with any game components.

The Official tournament rules X-Wing Miniatures which can be found at the following link will be used: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/9f/48/9f486f3a-67af-47bb-a59d-379140f4e9ca/x-wing_tournament_rules_v4.pdf

The latest FAQ's published in English by FFG on its website shall be applied: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f7/1d/f71df063-0528-4ae5-8fda-66a3b8d89a6c/x-wing_faq_v4.pdf

The organisation will check damage decks randomly for the duration of the event. Any irregularities will be punished.
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