Miniaturas de los nuevos Imperial Assassins en la White Dwarf 65

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Se ha filtrado la portada de la portada de la próxima White Dwarf donde se presenta el nuevo juego de mesa Execution Force basado en el universo de Warhammer 40K. En la portada se desvelan los nuevos modelos para las miniaturas de los Imperial Assassins:

  • Eversor: I’m liking that crazy corridor leaping pose, the tons of pouches and equipment and of course the psycho skullmask!
  • Callidus: Harlequin like pose and the flowing hair pulls it all together.
  • Vindicare: Almost casual hiding pose looks like it could be pulled out of any modern warfare videogame.  Nice job.
  • Culexis: very Giger-esque and menacing compared to the terrible Mardi-gras float head the last one had.  Creepiest of the bunch.
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